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Coach Kari here!

I help humans unapologetically embrace who they really are – and are meant to be.

I also specialize in helping Queer & TGNC folx, like myself, who have been marginalized by societal and religious systems for their sexuality and gender identity or expression. Because:

We all deserve to stop being haunted by the confusion of self doubt, the paralyzing fear of rejection and the regret of a life unlived.

To that end, my clients walk through a process I refer to as Becoming You that is tied to our identity, purpose, goals and habits; is driven by our thoughts, emotions, actions and results; and shapes who we are and the life that we lead.

So, if you’re tired of feeling afraid and uncertain or, you’re sick of being left in the margins and stuck in a life not your own, let’s get connected.

“One of my favorite things about the sessions is how to focus and define a plan to move forward, especially if you feel stuck in negative thought patterns or behaviors. Kari is an excellent listener and her empathetic, compassionate approach helped me feel at ease.” ~Bethany

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~Coach Kari

Certified Professional Life Transitions & Clarity Coach

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